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1017 Hawthorne St. Houston TX 77006

The Safe Spot is a drop-in and resource center for youth and young adults 13-24 age range offering free coffee, shakes, drinks, snacks, internet, resources and educational and training workshops at at NO costs to youth.

The Safe Spot offers a performance space for singers, bands,poetry readings,spoken word and other forms of artistic expression.

The Safe Spot provides tutoring, mentoring and peer support for youth and young adults who have a desire to begin a plan of action.

The Safe Spot has one mission; to help these youth and young adults help themselves.

The Safe Spot attempts to find SAFE houses for those homeless young adults over 18 years of age needing transitional or short-term housing.


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The Safe Spot Wish List:

Volunteers! (Please sign-up in the column on to the right).
Kroger Cards so that we can buy fresh fruit and perishable items that we use daily.
Cans of Coffee
Powdered Creamer
Paper Plates
Plastic forks, spoons, knives
Hot and cold drinking cups
Juice mixes (Crystal light etc)
Paper towels
Canned goods, tuna, soups, spaghetti sauce, salsa
Granola Bars
Pudding and dessert cups
Freezer pops
Peanut Butter
We have young people moving into apartments with nothing.  They will need:
Shower curtains
kitchen utensils
baking/cookie pans
inflatable mattresses
pots n pans
baby furniture/bedding
Clothes hangers
Basic Food to start pantries for these young people moving into apartments:
Ramen noodles
Granola bars
bottled water
canned goods, soups, spam, chili, vegetables, spaghetti sauce
peanut butter
Hamburger helper
instant mashed potatoes
Snack items

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If you are interested in learning more about SAFE, please email us at

About the Founders

Jason and deMarco ( have been touring the country for over ten years performing as a pop duo. During this time they have shared their music, empowering message and life story with many, but youth and young adults have always been their passion. From issues of teen suicide, to kids being kicked out of their homes and churches, ending up on the street, to drug abuse and self abuse, Jason and deMarco have received hundreds to thousands of emails year after year. Most of the time, they could only give them words of encouragement, forward them to resources that they were aware of and try to be a support from afar.

Through this experience the vision for SAFE was born. Jason and deMarco have witnessed so many young people in need and the only real resources for them, at least immediate resources, are emotional resources (mainly toll free hotlines), but no physical resources. Their vision is to provide a physical location for young people to have as a resource.

Ultimately, the goal for SAFE is quite simple; to establish and provide a Safe, Affirming, Family Environment for youth and young adults in need.

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